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Pomegranate Concentrate: Where to get it

February 4th, 2019 Posted in Tibetan Medicine Tags:
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Both a clinic favorite and a favorite in branch clinics where Nashalla frequently teaches, the Pomegranate is an excellent alternative / shortcut to taking traditional Tibetan digestive fire protective pills. Pomegranate is traditionally used to combat against cold digestion disorders, gas, burping, belching, constipation, cognitive challenges and afternoon fatigue. NOTE: Not for those suffering from GERD.

Such symptoms are all classified as resulting from the excess of Earth and Water – or Bad kan, as it is known in Tibetan Medicine. Simply take 1-2 spoonfuls, up to 1 TBS in hot water immediately before waking, or in the early afternoon when the afternoon slump happens.

A staple Tibetan ingredient pomegranate is praised as a digestive herb. The power of effect is based in the principles of Tibetan Medicine, sour increases heat and thus digestive power. The results are it clears away excess Earth and Water in the system, bringing clarity to the mind, and warmth to our digestive and enzymatic functions.

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