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LOTS happening in 2015…. see the events Below!


Colorado Springs on Saturday – June 27th at 2pm. This is my root lama VV Thrangu Rinpoche’s sangha in the springs.

The subject is Tibetan Medicine & Buddhist Practice

Come learn how Tibetan medicine principles can support and stabilize Buddhist meditation practices. The relationship between our bodies, emotions and mental stability are an integral part of progressing along our path as Buddhist practitioners and the body can be a vehicle for enlightenment rather than a hindrance.
Learn basic Tibetan Medicine principles to support your practice.
ADDRESS ~ and further info can be found on the Facebook events page.
2525 W Pikes Peak Ave. Suite B
Colorado Springs, CO


July 9th, 2015 at Shambhala Mountain Center,  I will be doing a Deep Dive Workshop for the Wisdom in Action (click here to register!) – This is the on the land extended retreat for continuation of the conversation started with ‘Awake in the World’ On-Line earlier this year.

My workshop is on July 9th will focus on:

Tibetan Medicine, Heath & Balanced Wisdom Practice


Retreat & Renewals at Shambhala Mountain Center  August 28-30th, 2015 register by going here.


September 25th-29th – 2015

The first of an annual Buddhist women’s conference. The Wisdom Rising Conference.

Click here for more info and to register!


 November 13-15th  2015 Nashalla will co-host a special Medicine Buddha for Healing retreat with the venerable Khenpo Lobzang Tenzin. Use this link to register.


November 20-22nd again I will lead the meditation instructions for the Retreat & Renewal at SMC. You can register for that here.


The Energy Principles of Tibetan Medicine • Denver Talk

Nashalla G. Nyinda

April 10, 2015


  • $15.00 – Tuition
  • $10.00 – Discounted Senior/Student Tuition
Learn how to gently nurture yourself back into balance through Tibetan healing. This system teaches us how to foster a relationship with our inner physical and emotional worlds as well as our external one, helping us to find harmony throughout the ebb and flow of our lives. Join us for an accessible evening talk about this ancient tradition. This introduction to Tibetan Medicine can also be a great gateway for further in-depth study. Open to everyone who wants to learn more about creating a healthy balance in their life.•
This program will be held Friday 6:30 to 8 pm at the Denver Shambhala Center on 2305 South Syracuse Way.


Shambhala Mt Center





TEACHING at Shambhala Mountain Center ~ April 24th – May 1st 2015

See Teaching Schedule PAGE for full details – two classes will be offered:

A discounted rate will be available if both classes are taken together.

The Three Energy Principles of Tibetan Healing

April 24–26, 2015

Tuition $150 + 2 nights



Fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine: Level 1

April 26–May 1, 2015

Tuition $500 + 5 nights





Fall 2014 Bellingham WA clinic trip:

September 25th-29th, 2014  Nashalla G. Nyinda TMD, LMT will be visiting Bellingham WA for her annual northwest tour. Space is limited and it will fill quickly so make your appointments early!

Call Shakti for appointments 360 672 1473


September 27 – October 1, 2014

Chulen Rejuvenation Retreat ~

Tibetan Medicine Rejuvenation practice, known as Chu Len is being offered in a retreat setting. Designed to create a relaxing experience, this facilitates the rejuvenation of the body’s energy and mind into the naturally relaxed, coordinated and balanced condition. You will be welcomed into a tranquil environment and offered exceptional individualized attention by experts in Tibetan Healing arts.

The retreat incorporates rejuvenating Tibetan herbal supplements, Tibetan Yantra Yoga practices, group meditation and Tibetan Kunye & Massage Therapies. Public talks on how to apply Tibetan Medicine principles into living a balanced lifestyle, dietary guidelines and dharma practice will accompany a personal consultation with a Tibetan doctor, focusing on individualized needs. Optional journeys to the hot springs and light individualized activities for finding balance will be applied. This week is the perfect opportunity to reduce conditions related to stress and bring forth authentic relaxation and to deeply rejuvenate the body.

A material fee of $35 to cover Tibetan Medicine supplies will be collected the first day by the teacher.  Please bring cash or check, no credit cards will be accepted.  Hot springs visits are paid separately by those who choose to attend.

Suggested Dana: $150 – $200

Please note: at this time of the year colder conditions apply.  If you are camping, please plan accordingly.

Click on the link above in the above photo box to register.


Introduction to the Principles of Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Shambhala Mountain Center

Dr Nashalla G Nyinda TMD

December 12–14, 2014


Discover the powerful healing arts of Tibet through Sowa Rigpa, an ancient holistic practice spanning thousands of years. During this weekend retreat, we will learn how to return harmony to our body and mind by refining our relationship to the elements and seasons. You will be given tools for identifying the three humors, for encouraging equilibrium, as well as learn how to apply general antidotes when the humors are imbalanced. The ultimate goal is to foster balance in the body and mind while encouraging a direct relationship to self. Whether Buddhist or non-Buddhist, healthcare practitioner or not, join us as we explore the time-tested wisdom of Traditional Tibetan Medicine.

Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda TMD, LMT has over 14 years of experience in Tibetan Medicine. She earned her Menpa degree (Doctor of Tibetan Medicine) from Qinghai Tibetan Medical College, Tibet and The Shang Shung Institute of Tibetan Medicine. She also has an Interdisciplinary Studies BA from Naropa University with a focus on Asian Medicines and Buddhist Psychology. She has taught these techniques worldwide to Tibetan doctors as well as Western health practitioners. Nashalla and husband, Dr. Tsundu S. Nyinda, are co-directors of the Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing Clinic in Boulder, Colorado.


MARCH 2014 Seattle & Bellingham WA Tour

Nashalla G. Nyinda TMD, LMT  will have consults and Traditional Kunye Tibetan Massage available by appointment.

Space is limited and will fill quickly.

Seattle, WA – March 21, 2014 ~ Call – 303 570 8242 for appointments in Seattle

Bellingham, WA March 26th – 31st 2014 ~ Call Shakti for Bellingham appointments- 360 672 1473


Summer 2013 WA state Clinic Tour

Tsundu S. & Nashalla G. Nyinda TMD’s

Consults and Traditional Kunye Tibetan
Massage Available by Appointment

Seattle – July 26-27th
Call 303 570 8242 for appointments
Bellingham – July 29-30th
Call Shakti for appointments – 360 672 1473


The Thrangu Meditation Center


Applying Tibetan Medicine into Buddhist Practice

Date: Sunday, June 23, 2013

9:00 to 11:30am

Where: 1290 Williams Street, Denver
(Just off of Cheesman Park) Best to please park inside the park as space is Limited.

Cost: Free (Donations appreciated)

Tibetan Medicine has a long history dating back to the 3rd Century, remaining unchanged since the introduction and integration of Buddhism came to flourish in Tibet in the 7th Century. Tibetan Medicine offers a holistic approach eloquently recorded and transmitted in The 4 Medical Tantras; known as the rGyud bZhi.

Traditional Tibetan healing is not mysterious when it comes to the connection of supporting the greatest vehicle you have on the Buddhist path – your physical and mental well being.

Freeing up the distractions of the body allows space to utilize the mind training practices unhindered by the inevitable truth of physical change and suffering.

The talk on June 23rd will focus on ~ Learning practical ways to support your practice with basics found in Tibetan Medicine and specifically how to apply the Menla Medicine Buddha practice when taking herbs and medicines.


2013 Winter Seattle & Bellingham clinic tour – February 18-24th

February 18-24th Seattle & Bellingham WA

Tibetan Medicine & Kunye Massage
Nashalla G. Nyinda TMD, LMT

Space is limited and will fill quickly!
Consults & Traditional Kunye Tibetan Massage Available by Appointment

Seattle, WA
February 18 – 20th 2013
Call 303 570 8242 for appointments

Bellingham, WA
February 21 – 25th 2013
Call Shakti for appointments – 360 672 1473


2011 Autumn Seattle & Bellingham WA Clinical Tour ~ October 20-27th

Consults & Traditional Kunye Tibetan Massage Available by Appointment

tibetan medicine pills

 Seattle, WA

 Oct 20th – 23rd       Call Nashalla @ 303 570 8242 for appointments

 Bellingham, WA

 October 24th – 27th      Call Shakti @ 360 672 1473 for appointments

Free Public Lecture

Assessment Process in Tibetan Medicine ~ How your humeral balance and nature is determined

Monday the  24th at 7pm – Bellingham, WA

Community Food Co-op, Connections Building (Downtown Store)

1220 N. Forest St. Bellingham, Wa 98225


Announcing Summer 2011 Northwest Washington State Tour

Seattle & Bellingham WA – June 20-28th


Nashalla G. Nyinda TMD, LMT will be returning for a summer visit!

Seattle, WA
June 20th – 22nd & June 27-28th

Please call Dr. Nyinda at 303 570 8242 for appointments in both cities

Bellingham, WA
June 23rd – 26th


Why Diet & Lifestyle is the Pillar of Tibetan Medicine Treatment

Thursday June 23 7-8:30pm Bellingham CoHousing
2614 Donovan Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225

Consults & Traditional Kunye Tibetan Massage Available by Appointment


Northwest Washington State Spring 2011 Tour

Seattle & Bellingham WA

Nashalla G. Nyinda TMD, LMT
Bellingham, WA
March 23rd – 28th 2011

Seasonal Approaches to Diet & Behavior within Tibetan Medicine

Wednesday 23rd – 7:00pm – Donations Welcome
Community Food Co-Op – Roots Room
315 Westerly Rd. Bellingham, WA

Consults & Traditional Kunye Tibetan Massage Available by Appointment

Call Shakti for appointments – 360 672 1473

Seattle, WA
March 30th – April 1st

Consults Available by Appointment
Call 303 570 8242 for appointments


Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing Clinic Hosts



H.E. Paltul RinpocheTibetan Physician & 5th Pora Tulku Rinpoche of the Pal Demo


Tashi Chöling Monastery in Tibet

Boulder, CO January 28~30th 2011




Sangye Menla – Medicine Buddha

5 pm Saturday ~ January 29th, 2011


Mipham Shedra

2860 Bluff Street
Boulder, CO 80301Requested Donation – $20

Appointments Available


Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing Clinic

3000 PearlSuite 203

Boulder, CO 0301


To Schedule Consults

Call – 303 570 8242


Renowned Tibetan Physician and meditation master HE Paltru Rinpoche, the 5th Poru Tulku Rinpoche of the Pal Demo Tashi Chöling Monastery to visit Boulder! Don’t miss this opportunity to meet a true master of Tibetan Medicine and receive his blessing for Medicine Buddha practice and guidance for your health.

see www.paltulrinpoche.com for Biography of Rinpoche

Proceeds benefit Karma Woesel Doe-joe Ling Tibetan Medicine Healing Center, a registered nonprofit religious organization incorporated in New York. Karma Woesel Doe-joe Ling’s aim is to preserve and promote the precious traditions of meditation as well as healing arts and practices of Tibet.


Tibetan Medicine New Mexico Fall Clinic 2010

Santa Fe, NM

November 2oth & 21st 2010

East West Medical Arts
404 C Brunn School Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Consults  with Nashalla G. Nyinda TMD, LMT are available by appointment-

Call Mary for appointments – 505 438 6244

Space is limited as Dr. Nyinda only has 2 days clinics until she will return after January 2011, please call in advance


NORTHWEST FALL TOUR – Bellingham & Seattle Washington OCTOBER 18-25th  2010



Dr. Nashalla G. Nyinda TMD, LMT will be visiting the northwest to see patients & lecture on the Art of Tibetan Healing practices.

Bellingham, WA – October 18-22


PUBLIC TALK – MONDAY 18th 6:30pm

Community Food Co-op, Connections Building (Downtown Store)

1220 N. Forest St. Bellingham, Wa 98225



Consults & Traditional Kunye Tibetan Massage Available by Appointment


Call Shakti for Bellingham appointments and further information– 360 672 1473



Seattle, WA – October 23-25


Traditional Tibetan Medicine Consults Available by Appointment


For appointments call – 303 570 8242



Tibetan Medicine & Kunye Massage

Sunday, October 3rd
6pm – 7:30pm


2676 North Park Drive
Lafayette, CO 80026

Tibetan Medicine is an ancient system of health care
centuries old which provides a holistic approach to
treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

Come learn how this system of medicine works, its
diagnostic methods, and the methods of treatment.
Traditional external therapies and traditional
Tibetan Kunye Massage will be explained in detail.
The healing properties of oils and herbal
compresses will be demonstrated.

Tibetan massage serves several purposes. The first is to soothe and relax tensions, relieve stress, insomnia, depression, nerve system dysfunction and bring balance to the internal elements of the body.

The second function is more targeted as a therapeutic treatment for specific individual disorders. It has great therapeutic value to relieve a variety of ailments in a soft and non-invasive manor.


Tibetan Medicine and Healing Lecture Aug 16, 2010

Tsundu Sengye Nyinda, a Doctor of Tibetan Medicine from our Boulder clinic will talk about the history and scope of Tibetan Medicine at the local acupuncture school.

Discover the parameters used in Tibetan Medical diagnosis, and how this medicine is especially good for the treatment of chronic illness.
Phone ITEA at 720-890-8922 or RSVP@itea.edu

Cost $20

Monday, August 16, 2010
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Institute for Taoist Education & Acupuncture 325 W. South Boulder Rd, Louisville, CO


Summer Tour 2010 to Southern CO & New Mexico for Tibetan & Holistic Healing Clinic of Boulder

Tsundu Sengye Nyinda TMD
Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda TMD, LMT

June 16-19th ~ Santa Fe, NM Tour

Free Lecture

Tibetan Medicine for the Mind

7:00 pm Thursday ~ June 17, 2010

3777 KSK Lane (751 Airport Road),
Santa Fe, N.M. 87507

Appointments Available June 16-19th New Mexico

404 C Brunn School RD – Santa Fe, NM 87505

To schedule consults
Call – 303 570 8242


June 20-27th ~ Crestone, CO Tour

Clinical Appointments available during break times while the doctors are attending the Vajra Vidya Retreat with Thrangu Rinpoche in Crestone, CO June 20-27th.

Please contact them via e-mail at tibetandoctor@gmail.com for further inquires.


with Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda TMD, LMT
Location: SPACE
7601 Greenwood Avenue N. Suite 103
Seattle, WA
Time: 6:30PM Friday, January 22nd

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