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Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing Clinic

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1004 Portland Place

Boulder, CO 80304

Located in the studio behind the apartments:

Please park on street and walk to the back via the driveway on the Left. 


Menpa’s (Doctor of Tibetan Medicine or TMD’s)  Tsundu Sengye Nyinda and Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda are based in Boulder, Colorado. They occasionally travel to Washington State and to other parts of the country primarily to teach.

Hours of Operation

We are open Monday – Friday during business hours excluding holidays. We operate by appointment only and currently book between 2-5 weeks out depending on the time slot you are requesting.  Due to parenting three small children, we are often out on school holidays.

Office Appointments:

Locally or Colorado based people MUST come in for office visits at a minimum seasonally unless prior arrangements have been made. Those who have seen other Tibetan doctors must also have their pulse read by a qualified doctor of Tibetan Medicine or an acceptable equivalent within the last 6 months to get any refills of herbal supplements.

Many people travel from all over Colorado and from other states to see us. We feel that in person tracking of your case ensures you are being treated ethically, properly and with the right methods.

Policy on Distant Cliental:

Phone consultations are available only for certain conditions. We prefer to see you in person at least the first time if possible. The reasons are distance phone or email consults must be for issues which are straightforwards. The understanding is that you take the diet and behavior recommendations very seriously.

Not every situation can be accepted long distance, as some require we read your pulse and urine regularly with seasonal changes at a minimum. We use our discretion to decide if your case is something we can monitor by phone and email.  If we cannot serve you, truly it is because we have your best interests at heart and it is ethically correct to see you first or regularly instead of distance work. In such cases we try to recommend someone closer or another complementary therapy for your case. The determination of if we can take you as a long distant client is made with a few questions or descriptions within a few minuets by phone or by email. At that time we decide if its appropriate to schedule an in person or phone appointment.

We do not have the ability to go in depth over the phone and explain what Tibetan medicine says about a disorder and how we approach it, as that is more appropriate in an appointment. We can respond to your inquiry by email but are not able to provide lengthy replies without an appointment. Should we decide your case is something manageable from a distance, we will need to schedule a time in our schedule book to accommodate you.

Contact us:

Alternate Mailing Address:
PO BOX 1248
Boulder, CO 80306
Phone  *Text Messaging Not Available

Tsundu Sengye Nyinda, Menpa Kachupa (303) 748-1017 

Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda, Menpa (303) 570-8242 

External and Kunye Therapies

Leela WH Parker, Tibetan Medicne Practioner, Kunye LMT therapist and Herbalist (413) 824-0339


website: http://www.holistic-health.org

Articles, blog and writings about Sowa Rigpa emerging in the western world of healing: bouldertibetanmedicne.com


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Follow us on Twitter: TibetanHealing

Email: email is checked Monday-Friday excluding national and school holidays
Please be sure  put “Tibetan Medicine, or Consult Request” in the subject line. This ensures your mail will not be mistaken as spam.

Nashalla: tibetandoctor@gmail.com 

Tsundu: drtsundu@yahoo.co.in

External and Kunye Therapies

Leela: leelawh5@gmail.com  



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