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Clinic Policies

Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing Clinic Policies

  • We request a 24 hrs advance notice for cancellations of appointments or you may be held responsible for payment.
  • All payments are due when services are rendered.
  • We accept check, cash and travelers checks. Currently we do not take cards.
  • If there are financial hardships, please discuss this before your appointment to make arrangements. If arrangements are made to in installments, we require predated checks.
  • Student discounts applies only to those currently enrolled in half or full time classes.
  • Any payments past 30 days of the invoice or mailed service will be billed a $10 late fee.
  • Returned checks will have a $20 fee for processing and bank charges.
  • Should quick questions by phone, text or email be needed; brief, infrequent calls, texts and emails are both accepted and encouraged as you initially learn about the Tibetan system of healing. We also make phone consult appointments for follow ups with out of town clients and do charge for these phone calls or detailed email consults.
  • Specifically, we are not available or responsible for being ‘on call’ for frequent or detailed phone calls, texts or email questions. Frequent questions by email or text will require charges for replies and consultations. You will be billed accordingly for frequent out of office contact based on the practitioner’s discretion.
  • We will do our best to get you an appointment at your earliest opportunity, but cannot guarantee to get you in immediately. If you have a medical emergency call your licensed medical care provider.
  • Separate appointments are made for Kunye Massage & External Therapies and Pulse / Urine Diagnostic Consults unless the practitioner requests you bring your urine during an external treatment appointment. We are unavailable to check your pulse and urine without an additional fees when you come in for Tibetan external treatments; both due to time constraints and in fairness of those who pay for diagnostic appointments.
  • We respectfully ask you to be on time for your appointments. If late, we may be unable to give you the full 60, 90 or 120 minutes set aside for your appointment. If you have questions regarding your next appointment or other issues; please cover that within your allotted appointment time. Otherwise we may ask you to make an additional appointment. If we take additional time with the person in front of you, please have patience. We do our best to make that time up to you. However, we cannot always make up lost time from your tardiness.
  • Long term refills of Tibetan supplements require a re-check either by a TMD or MD deemed qualified to assess you according to the Tibetan System. Refills are given 3 times, or 6 months maximum based on the TMD discretion before a consult is required.

These policies are briefly outlined in both the Preparations Form and Informed Consent. By signing this policy form at the initial consult or massage, you agree to the clinic’s policies and procedures regarding appointments, scheduling, phone calls, texts and payments.

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  • Tibetan Medicine is not yet licensed and regulated in America. Due to this Dr. Tsundu and Dr. Nashalla are not recognized as licensed doctors by the FDA, AMA or by any regulatory body within the USA. Therefore they cannot prevent, treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any disease. They make their recommendations based only on ancient and time tested Tibetan Medicine principles and pathology. Allopathic Medicine and Traditional Medicine can compliment each other during treatments and they encourage clients to work with both physicians in an open dialogue. Any treatment you pursue with these Doctors of Tibetan Medicine is done so at your own request with the understanding that it is not a replacement for qualified care by a licensed physician or therapist.


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