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Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing Clinic:

1004 Portland Place,

(Studio Behind Building) Boulder, CO 80304

Tibetan Medicine provides a comprehensive system for maintaining health and preventing disease through diet and lifestyle choices. The major difference between Tibetan Medicine and other alternative and traditional healing modalities is that treatment is individually designed for your unique attributes. From our point of view, it is vital to make sure the Tibetan doctor you consult takes the time to explain basic theory and how to apply this understanding to your diet and lifestyle choices. A new approach not typically seen in Asia, yet as the system is relatively unknown in the West; through education about how you and your health challenges, psychological states all fit within this system of healing allows for greater integration and success with the system.

Other forms of Complementary Healing and Alternative Medicine may be used alongside the Tibetan Medical System according to individual needs. We absolutely welcome working alongside licensed medical doctors where support from both traditional, energetic and modern modes of healing is the best combination for your healing journey.

We specialize in all basic and complex acute and chronic ailments; such as diabetes, liver, digestive disorders, nerve system disorders, insomnia, anxiety, emotional balancing, migraines, arthritis, female or male reproductive system disorders. We also try to leave space in our schedules for when colds, flus, sinusitis and simple afflictions arise and need immediate attention. In some complex cases, we may require that you also seek the care of licensed Medical Doctors should we feel that would be in your best interests. When we ask you to work with additional licensed healthcare providers we hope you understand this is because we want to both communicate and monitor your progress in tandem with the allopathic and complementary medicine treatments which are best suited for your individual health needs.

See our SERVICES  page for more information about the variety of services we offer.

Integrating allopathy and research of medicines both modern and those found in ancient Tibetan Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic texts is an important aspect to our treatments. Expect the first visit to be at least an 1.5 hours to allow time to cover the whole range of your life experience, family and medical history, diet and lifestyle as well as your emotional state. If you are a practicing Buddhist we will ask about your practices and how that affects your energetic and physical health as well. We ask you to bring in a urine sample as is traditionally done in Tibetan Medicine. Please see the FORMS page to get the information on the preparations for seeing the Menpa and bringing in a urine sample. We do a traditional intake, then work together with you to formulate a wellness plan for your individual needs.

Additional services will be discussed and different treatment options. We want to inform you how to make healthy lifestyle choices in your diet, behavior and environment. Handouts on dietary benefits and those foods which need restriction or elimination are covered in depth the first visit and continuously reexamined in subsequent visits.

“Nashalla has treated me since she started in business.  I have been seen by Tsundu since he arrived in the US. Nashalla’s varied treatment modalities contribute greatly to her ability to make good health care recommendations.Both of these Tibetan Doctors are good listeners leading them to ask pertinent questions that need to be considered as they develop a plan.  They take as much time as needed to make you feel comfortable with the plan you are starting.I have a couple of significant health issues. The nutrition recommendations and Tibetan supplements that they have recommended keep me moving ahead with the life I want to lead.” Anna P. Denver, CO


How the Boulder clinic developed:

In 2002, Nashalla Gwyn began giving dietary and heath consults based on Tibetan Medicine principles and western nutrition. Alongside these wellness consults, she offered Jin Shin Tara Acupressure techniques and trauma recovery sessions. Initially opening a healing practice was at the request of her teachers upon completion of her BA from Naropa University.  One of the first 2 students to work towards completing requirements for certification as a teacher of The Tara Approach; she began actively teaching for the Tara Approach at Naropa University and within Colorado that same year. She was fully certified as a Tara Approach teacher in 2004.

Nashalla continued adding various Asian medicine studies. Following her BA, she studied Ayurvedic Panchakarma, Marma point therapy and general Ayurvedic Medicine while continuing to dive deeper into Tibetan Medical theory and the traditional dietary supplements in Tibetan Medicine. She became a teaching assistant for the Introduction to Tibetan Medicine I & II class at Naropa University. Her original teacher, Dr Philip Weber, a western MD who had carried out a deep study and use of Tibetan medicine principles within his family practice encouraged her to continue to study further.  Nashalla completed the full course requirements for Plant Spirit Medicine with Elliot Cowen and started adding PSM into services she offered. Nashalla longed to return to Asia for more clinical experience. At the time she was integrating Tibetan Medicine into her other healing practices there was little written in English about Tibetan medicine and certainly no school programs. In the interim, she helped facilitate and run programs for visiting Tibetan doctors in Colorado and New Mexico to learn more.  She received permission to give the Tibetan medicine formulas in 2004.

Following direct guidance from her Buddhist teacher, Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche and Nashalla’s drive to know Tibetan Medicine in its entirety, she left Boulder for India in 2005 . This seemed to be the most accurate way to complete studies in Tibetan Medicine because it was vital to her she not be a ‘slightly’ or even ‘well trained practitioner’ who knew only parts of the system. There were people calling themselves Tibetan Medicine doctors or practitioners and this was troubling to her. Nashalla wanted to be careful not only of cultural appropriation issues, but be able to offer people the full system, with full training. She studied Tibetan language and culture at the Manjushri Institute and took private lessons in language and medicine in an apprenticeship style learning model from various Drs in the Chagpori Institute’s clinic in Darjeeling, India. She received the rGyud Zhi transmission at the request of the clinic doctor in Kathmandu in order to allow him to teach her directly from the medical texts. Darjeeling is where she met and married her husband Dr. Tsundu Sengye Nyinda, of of the clinic doctors of the Chagpori Institute.

After returning to the States, Nashalla finished her degree as a traditional Doctor of Tibetan Medicine at the Shang Shung Institute of Tibetan Medicine; which at the time was doing a classroom based teaching model. The head of the institute Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo met and tested Nashalla, kindly allowing her to join their 1st ever class for full training as Tibetan physicians in already progress. Following her final exams over the 4 tantra’s at Shang Shung and in conjunction with the Qinghai Tibetan Medical College, Nashalla went to Tibet to re-take exams and do a internship in 2009. Qinghai Tibetan Medical College granted her a certificate as a Menpa or doctor of Tibetan Medicine following her exams after her 10 years of study.

While this husband-wife team waited for Nashalla to complete her studies from the Shang Shung Institute, they frequently returned to Colorado to see patients. Neighboring New Mexico became a frequent place to go and see patients.

They officially re-opened the Boulder clinic in 2010 and expanded to have 2 rooms one for Kunye Massage and external Therapies and one for traditional Tibetan Medicine consults allowing both Tibetan Doctors to see patients simultaneously in 2010. Nashalla started traveling all over the USA to teach about Tibetan Medicine and offer clinical appointments. She now regularly travels to the Bellingham and Seattle Washington area. She has also taught internationally to native Tibetan medicine students and doctors.

Tsundu and Nashalla hope to continue make lasting connections with local MD and specialists. It is their hope that with research and working relationships they can further assist and contribute to the stabilization of Tibetan Medicine therapeutics as an adjunct and complementary therapy for chronic and acute conditions in Colorado and around the country.

Nashalla is gifted in her capacity to integrate a variety of resources for wellness.  Her studies in Nepal with Tibetan teachers have enhanced her inherent skills. She is completely present and committed to those she serves.” Stephanie Mines, Ph.D., Founder of TARA Approach for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma

“Nashalla is awesome at what she does because she has more than only book knowledge. She is a true Healer through being connected to a deeper wisdom. ” Sara Jungen M.A. Registered Psychologist 

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