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Preparations for Tibetan Medicine Consult & Urine Collection: 

The Preparations will give clear instructions for how to bring your urine sample in to the Tibetan clinic. Please read several days before your visit to follow all guidelines appropriately. 

In the Tibetan Medical system the practitioner will want to do a physical examination. This will includes pulse, urine, tongue. Questions about sleep, diet, and emotional state will be asked. It is not infrequent to do a quick examination of your physical structure; including spine, lymph nodes and some specific pressure points along your back or along your arms and legs.

To prepare for this examination please bring your second morning urine of the day. A clear glass container, washed well and air dried and without a label – preferably not a container with a residue of smell such as pickle or garlic jars etc. is best. The second urine means: if you urinate in the night, throw
that urine and collect the first urine before food (after 4 am.) If you don’t urinate in the night, throw the first urine and collect the second one, preferably before eating or drinking though you do not need to fast or skip food. (NO need to refrigerate the urine.)

Please observe the following for 24 – 36 hours prior to your urine collection:

urine examination1. Please avoid taking vitamins and minerals for 24-36 hours before collection of urine. This greatly affects color, crystals and smell and gives false readings. Most notably avoid Vitamins B and C. Please bring the urine in a jar or container that did not have strong smells previously.

Required prescription medicines should be taken as necessary.

2. Please avoid eating foods that will affect the color and smell of urine for 12 – 24 hours before the sample is collected. These can include beets, asparagus, garlic, onions and very spicy foods like hot peppers. You don’t have to eat a very bland meal the night before, but just not too spicy, salty or extreme in any way. No need to fast or skip food in the morning, do everything relatively normally.

3. Please refrain from drinking alcohol or recreational drugs for 24-26 hours before you collect the urine. These will especially alter the color and reading of the urine. If you are a cigarette smoker it is not vital that you refrain from smoking, but if you frequently drink wine with your evening meals or have a beer at night please avoid these the night before you collect your urine.

4. Please avoid sexual activity for 24-36 hours before the urine is collected, as this will also affect the color, textures and fluid substances within the urine.

5. It is important for your pulse to be as relaxed and close to your natural state. Try to get a good night sleep the night before to help this. Exhaustion and lack of sleep will make it hard to get an accurate reading of your organs and system.

6. Bring a list of any questions you may have for the practitioner and be sure to explain any long-standing health issues or diagnosis you are working with.

7. Please bring a list of the medications or supplements you normally take on a daily basis that we can attach to your file.

Prepared by Nashalla G. Nyinda, Menpa © Tibetan & Holistic Healing 2010 – www.holistic-health.org

Please download, print, & fill out the 4 forms prior to first appointment, includng consent, policies & NEW COVID POLICIES 

Becasue we have downsized to eliminate a waiting area due to Covid-19 you must fill these out prior to coming to the clinic. 

(Click to download the forms below: Intake Forms, Informed Consent Nyinda Clinic & Nyinda Clinic Policies  Please sign forms at appointment or with a witness. 

NYINDA CLINIC Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing Intake Form

36 Hour Cancelation & Credit Card Number Policy Form


Please thoroughly read the Consent Form prior to your appointment with the Tibetan Doctor.

The consent form is a part of the initial paperwork  on the first visit. Please wait to sign it in the presence of the Tibetan Doctor. This is required in order to have a consultation.

We want to ensure that you as a patient are well informed about both Tibetan Medicine and our clinic. We provide the opportunity to ask any and all questions about pursuing Tibetan Medicine treatment prior to the onset of your first consultation. You are encourage you to ask about the history or treatment methods employed in Traditional Tibetan Medicine you read about in the consent form.

We may at any time ask you to sign your treatment notes to document if we have asked you to seek additional licensed medical care in conjunction with our services.

The Clinic Policies Form details our scheduling, cancellation, payments and consultation policies. You will be asked to sign a copy at your initial visit.

Please Note These Important Policies:

  • Snow or severe weather late cancellation given under 36 hrs will be charged for the session fee call us ahead if your concerned. Please plan ahead for winter weather as in Colorado, we all know when a storm is brewing! If you need to call to discuss upcoming snow in the next 24 hrs we can be flexible but need to ahve that conversation within 24 hrs. 
  • No show’s for appointments and less than 36 hr notice made will result in being charged for the full session fee.
  • We make every effort to appear in a timely manner for appointments and respectfully ask you to do the same. We often have people on wait lists or wanting to get in on short notice. When someone does not come for their scheduled appointment, those on the wait list cannot get in and your time slot and our time is wasted. Likewise, we pay for childcare to be present in the clinic, the charge for no-shows and late cancels reflects that.
  • You may be asked for a credit card number to hold your appointment if you are a new client. The card will not be charged unless you late cancel or no show, in which case it will be charged in full.
  • There is a no refunds for goods or services policy
  • Returned checks will have a $40 fee on top of the original amount due to processing and bank charges.

Tibetan Medicine is not yet licensed and regulated in America. Due to this Dr. Tsundu and Dr. Nashalla are not recognized as licensed doctors by the FDA, AMA or by any regulatory body within the USA. Therefore they cannot prevent, treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any disease. They make their recommendations based only on ancient and time tested Tibetan Medicine principles and pathology.

Allopathic Medicine and Traditional Medicine can compliment each other during treatments and they encourage clients to work with both physicians in an open dialogue. Any treatment you pursue with these Doctors of Tibetan Medicine is done so at your own request with the understanding that it is not a replacement for qualified care by a licensed physician.

Requests for translations or detailed consult notes do require a fee for the preperations. You will be billed in quarter hour segments for our time.

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