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Alumni Notes –  Naropa University Magazine Spring 2009 see page 25

In Xining Tibetan Medical Hospital, Amdo Tibet 2009 during internship ~

Rounds in the Tibetan Medical Teaching Hospital - Xining Tibet

Writing patient files We rotated different departments each week in the inpatient wards of the hospital to begin to see the interface between Tibetan Medicine and Allopatic or as the called it in Tibet “Biomedicine”.

The modern Tibetan Doctor in Tibet must face the influence and dominance of western medicine. Its was good to see both sides of the paradigm. There are helpful contributing factors which strengthen the research into how effective Tibetan Medicine is, as well as the influence modern treatments and diagnostics has on young Tibetan doctors loosing centuries old diagnostic and treatment methods.

Newspapers came and interview us on several occasions. They wanted to know what made western people want to study ancient medicine if we come from a land of modern and updated medical models.

Our answer was because we saw it was a treasure to be preserved, with the ability to help others when modern science had no options left. To promote complementary medicine which could make the quailty of life in a terminal illness improve. The original newspaper article is here Tibetan Medicine meets Modern in Xining, Tibet

The Chagpori College and Dormitories

Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute College, Darjeeling West Begal INDIA

Chagpori after 1959

Where the ancient college of medicine and monastic education stood now houses a TV tower. All the remains now are some caves and a monastery at the base of the hill

Winter in Lhasa
View of the Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute on the Hill opposite the Potala in Lhasa, Tibet before its destruction

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