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4 methods of tibetan medicine treatment

Traditional Tibetan Medicine PillsTibetan Medicine works by accessing an individual’s elements and their organ systems. The body is comprised of three main humors, wind, fire and earth-water, both in a healthy and unhealthy state. The goal is to have balance.Tibetan Buddhist psychology, spiritual well being, personal satisfaction and happiness along with other support systems are applied to increase overall well being.  Traditional diagnosis requires a dietary review, pulse and urine analysis. Ones lifestyle and how it contributes to health and happiness is addressed.This session provides an opportunity to understand individual needs and health goals. The first session is generally 1.5 hours long. It includes completion of dietary intake forms and health history. You will receive a health plan including diet and lifestyle changes that can increase your well being. A second visit to review your progress will be scheduled to provide further improvements on your health plan.


The function of Kunye Therapy is to soothe and relax tensions, relieve stress, insomnia, depression, nerve system dysfunction and bring balance to the internal elements of the body. It has great therapeutic value to relieve a variety of ailments in a soft and non-invasive manor. Kunye Therapy has many forms of application. These can includes massage, treating crucial points in a manor similar to acupressure, applying medicinal oils, gemstones, hot or cold stones,compresses, medicinal vapors and baths.We will do an initial assessment according to traditional Tibetan Medicine and determine which approach best suits your condition.

Sessions are expected to last from a minimum of one hour, but can run up to two hours in duration.

Menpa Nashalla and her long time intern Leela are the ones doing all Kunye bodywork sessions.

Nashalla has many years experience in bodywork and acupressure. Later as she learned Tibetan Kunye therapies it was an obvious place in which to blend in her existing skills. A wide variety of clients seek out her work. Some areas where she specializes is in are chronic pain, nerve system disorders, preparation and recovery form hip or knee replacement, spinal fusions, spinal injury, herniation and scoliosis as well as general structural balance and relaxation massage. Her clients include other professional body-workers such as rolfers, chiropractors, personal trainers, acupuncturists and fellow massage therapists. Some people find that an initial intensive treatment plan including frequently scheduled sessions helps to stabilize the changes and decrease symptoms or pain quickly. When the body adjusts and begins to hold the work; meaning the structural and energetic changes the client is feeling, then we move to a routine maintenance schedule. Preventative and maintenance sessions are set according to what best suits ones lifestyle, level of activity and stress levels in order to maintain balance with their physical and energetic system.  A relatively low stress, not overly athletic lifestyle with no inherent muscular or bone issues will typically hold the work done in a session for 3-5 weeks. For many a bi-weekly schedule suits their needs best. It is an individualized approach and others come every few months for a “tune up.” Each session is very individualized.

Leela is a highly intuitive Tibetan medicine practitioner and Kunye Therapist with many years training. She received her massage license in 2010 within her four and half year Tibetan Medical training. Beginning in 2002 she had begun receiving informal training with a chiropractor who was teaching her the power of simply listening to the hands. He saw that often the deepest, most effective work is done when we drop into an intuitive place and feel directly from the body what is needed. Her emphasis is specialized in the body work techniques of Kunye (Traditional Tibetan Massage) and The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.

Sowa Birthing Method 2019 ©


The Sowa Birthing Method protocol was developed by Nashalla G. Nyinda, Menpa (TMD) LMT over several decades of working with expectant mothers. The hearts mission behind this work is providing expectant mothers and little ones support and care for the body, mind and spirit. Working within natures rhythms, a series of treatments helps ripen and prepare mom and baby to embody a centered confidence for birthing. 

Support within the nervous system aids a resourced inner atmosphere, promoting receptivity to the wild and sometimes difficult surrender each unique journey of birthing brings. A series of five sessions is scheduled for 1.5 hrs in duration and typically starting at week 35. If the traditional five series is incomplete due to going into labor before 40 weeks, care is extended into postpartum phase. Some women also choose to add on postpardum treatments.

This method is deeply rooted in Nashalla’s decades of training as a Menpa, (Doctor of Tibetan Medicine – TMD). Known as Sowa Rigpa: ‘The Healing Science of Tibet’ the name of her protocol draws inspiration from the Tibetan word “Sowa” – meaning Healing. The inspiration behind this protocol is born not only from Tibetan Medicine and its many external and Kunye Therapeutic treatments; but alongside other wisdom traditions which informed Nashalla’s studies and experiences. Acupressure and Jin Shin work, Traditional Five Element Medicine, Ayurvedic healing, Western Herbalism studies, as well as working with trauma and nervous system health make this protocol both unique and comprehensive. Asian traditions all carry common threads. This system bears fruit of those roots and is woven into the mechanics of Western Medicine and pregnancy need and challenges, health and vitality of the nervous system, trauma repatterining and preparation for the physical, emotional and psychological states birthing and mothering present.

The Sowa Birthing Method offers a complete care package and support system for a special and sacred time in a woman’s life. The goal is that these session serve to carries the mother with integrity and vitality well into her postpartum phase.

The “fourth Trimester” as it is sometimes called, can be a tender place where physical, emotional and energetic systems, including hormones and mind need continued support as she is caring full time for a new being.


Bodywork sessions include specific massage, compress and acupressure techniques. Scheduled weekly in the last five weeks of gestation, and some may also inclde additonal postpardum care. Weekly contact provides stability in the energetic, physical and emotional body, which serves to prepare and fortify expectant mothers internal process for labor and delivery.

Extended into the fourth trimester and postpartum experience, the Sowa Birthing Method can provide new mothers compassionate presence and options to navigate postnatal issues and experiences. Women often support their pregnancy and self care experience with great diligence throughout gestation. Yet, baby comes, and self care goes out the window. This method sets the stage for support in the ‘fourth trimester’ newborn experience.

When prior to birth the woman is well nourished it can serve as a first line for interventions of minor or more intensive experiences or complications arise. Likewise extended care can aid many postpardum discomforts. These can include insomnia that extends beyond the normal new mother sleep deprivation, postpartum depression, anxiety, and other symptoms. Meditation and stress reduction techniques are provided in addition to postpartum massage and acupressure therapies in this vulnerable time which can increase overall wellbeing and support bonding.

Practitioners of the Sowa Birthing Method are not only licensed to touch and work with the body, but are throughly trained in the prevention of possible complications, contraindications and the mitigation of such symptoms and influences. Safe and well trained practitioners are an integral part of this program.

Nashalla worked on me my while I was pregnant with my second child. I had such bad nausea and vomiting the first trimester that I was stuck in bed. Her treatments were the only thing that provided relief. I continued to receive work from Nashalla throughout the pregnancy. She was able to stabilize me, balance my system, and finally prepare my body for labor as the baby drew close to coming. Nashalla is a Tibetan medical doctor, well-trained in the traditional system. She’s also a gifted healer who sees right to the root of the problem and seems privy to information from another realm.

The treatments themselves were a combination of pulse diagnosis, acupressure, healing massage, and herbs to bring my personal imbalances back to balance. I really valued that she wasn’t doing a rote routine, but rather was reading what my body and baby really needed and providing it. She is rooted in the Tibetan traditional system and then brings her unique healing sight and women’s experience to her practice. Nashalla is herself a mother of three children, so she knows first-hand the ins and outs of pregnancy and birth. She’s able to encourage the body and baby toward balanced health without pushing anything so it always feels safe and benign. I would highly recommend her treatments to any expectant mother or for postpartum healing.
-Sarah Plazas, Tibetan translator, mother of 2 

  • Designed for those already holding a license to touch. LMT, RN, ND, DO, MD, acupuncturists or equivalent skill levels may apply. This requirement assures proper baseline training in anatomy and physiology, as well as competency needed to work within this specific client population.
  • Doctors, Midwives and Doula practitioners entering this program will have different hour and segment requirements, based upon their personal training and experience. The varied hour requirement for registered birth assistants and midwives is determined on an individual basis.
  • To enter the training program requires an interview with Nashalla and her conversations with three clients who serve as references for the practioner. Please contact Menpa Nashalla directly for questions about training.

Tibetan Medicine works by accessing an individual’s elements and their organ systems. The body is comprised of three main humors, wind, fire and earth-water, both in a healthy and unhealthy state. The goal is to have balance. Tibetan Buddhist psychology, spiritual well being, personal satisfaction and happiness along with other support systems are applied to increase overall well being. The first session is around 1.5 hours. Traditional diagnosis requires a dietary review, pulse and urine analysis. Ones lifestyle and how it contributes to health and happiness is addressed. We can also provide you a write up for you to take with you to other health care providers you are working with for an additional charge.“Nashalla Gwyn is one of the few Western women practicing Tibetan Medicine in the West and carries out her work with integrity, high competence and compassion. The remedies she suggests really work and bring healing. I highly recommend her work without hesitation.”Michele Schulz – Ayurvedic Cooking, Nutrition and Yoga Instructor


Pre-1950’s Chinese Medicine was heavily influenced by the Taoist system of nature working in harmony with a person’s Body-Mind-Spirit. The elements of water, wood (air), fire, earth and metal (space) are worked with to create balance. The Law of the Five Elements and their association to the Body-Mind-Spirit are the essence of Ancient Chinese Medicine. The root causes of disease are worked on, rather than symptoms alone. This creates lasting results over time.  We do not work with Chinese herbs.


Five Element Acupuncturist Elliot Cowen, developed Plant Spirit Medicine. This system facilitates healing by moving energy and removing blocks along the meridian pathways in the body. Points on the body are used as in acupressure sessions. The initial visit can last up to 2 hours with a health history and treatment may include various self-care practices.


Originating in Japan, Jin Shin emphasizes the Five Elements coming into balance. Mary Burmeister brought Jin Shin Jitsu to America. A simple form of subtle energy medicine, it works on the meridians and organs. Stephanie Mines PhD, a student of Mary Burmeister’s, advanced Jin Shin by creating the TARA Approach. Her goal was treat shock and trauma via Jin Shin. The TARA Approach allows a persons core dis-harmonies to be supported and released through pressure points.Nashalla blends Tibetan, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine acupressure techniques within Jin Shin to work with the bodies meridians and organs systems. Focusing on your psychological well-being, what you need to feel safe and move forward in your life are an integral part of this work.Nashalla encourages individuals to work with themselves with acupressure in between sessions to resolve and re-pattern the events of their lives that keep them from being fully balanced in Body-Mind-Spirit.The initial session can take up to 2 hours and further sessions are 1 hr to 75 minuets. You will learn points for self-care and maintenance throughout your Jin Shin treatments. Nashalla became a certified self-care and level one teacher for The TARA Approach in 2002. She continues to teach classes on acupressure, Asian medicine and Jin shin therapies. She translated the Jin Shin Tara “Self Care” book from English into Tibetan and taught it to students and physicians of Tibetan Medicine in two countries.Her Jin Shin has evolved throughout the years to be her own blend of acupressure and she has students who continue to study with her after many years to learn her unique adaptations and own system of acupressure for nervous system and various conditions.


Practitioners of alternative therapies and individuals interested in the modalities we offer can have individual mentor-ship and tutoring sessions. Nashalla welcomes others to organize classes and she will then come and teach to groups as well.  She also enjoys teaching parents how to involve their children in self-care as well as how to apply acupressure techniques to their children.

In order to do an internship style learning within the clinic you must have completed a certain number of years study in the modality, or pass a test showing qualification. You also must be licensed or certified in bodywork in some capacity in order to learn hands on modalities. It is up to the discretion for the doctor to determine if you are ready for such a internship and a contract on ethical obligations regarding any training you receive must be signed.

Mentoring and tutoring appointments must be made in the clinic and can set up be in 15 minuet increments for discussions around career path or inqury about internships.

Thinking about studying or interested in an internship? You need to have a completed application sent in along with the required letters of recomendaton and your CV before scheduling a interview and inquiry for internship.

Download the Application: Clinical Internship Application


Facts and Fables are a part of the history on which herbal healing began. Plants and supplements can work with issues for the Mind-Body-Spirit in very gentle or strong ways. Knowing your system and if the elemental and energetic powers of particular herbs being helpful or harmful are important. Nashalla has more than a 18 years of researching herbs, their pharmacology, mechanism of action and potency. She can inform you about the current research, as well as traditional folTibetan Medicine Thanka Painting k remedies you may be considering . She is not a certified Herbalist in the western tradition, yet has the experience as a Tibetan doctor of knowing about the power, effect and strength of the 6 tastes in all the natural world from which we source herbal medicine.

Pomegranate Concentrate and New Spirit Products!




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We especially like the Pomegranate Red Concentrate with Mangosteen! Both a clinic favorite and a favorite in branch clinics where Nashalla frequently teaches, the Pomegranate is an excellent alternative / shortcut to taking traditional Tibetan digestive fire protective pills. Used to combat against cold digestion disorders, gas, burping, belching, constipation, cognitive challenges and afternoon fatigue. NOTE: Not for those suffering from GERD.

Such symptoms are all classified as resulting from the excess of Earth and Water – or Bad kan, as it is known in Tibetan Medicine. Simply take 1-2 spoonfuls, up to 1 TBS in hot water immediately before waking, or in the early afternoon when the afternoon slump happens. A staple Tibetan ingredient pomegranate is praised as a digestive herb. The power of effect is based in the principles of Tibetan Medicine, sour increases heat and thus digestive power. The results are it clears away excess Earth and Water in the system, bringing clarity to the mind, and warmth to our digestive and enzymatic functions.

What our patients have to say about Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing Clinic ~

“I have been under the care of Tibetan doctors for over 20 years now. Usually, Tibetan doctors are monastics who travel to the U.S. from India or Nepal, maybe once or twice a year, they don’t speak English and the interpreters are not the best. Then you have to send away for medicine which is gets mailed all the way from India. The diagnosis, treatment, and care is great, but the hassle factor is high.

Nashalla and Tsundu provide the best of both worlds; an American wife and Tibetan husband, both Tibetan doctors; both living in the U.S. full time; no interpreter problems; you get your Tibetan medicine directly from them; and if they aren’t too busy with other patients, you can get both doctors treating you for the price of one!”

Chris T. – Boulder, CO

“I became very ill in November of 2005. I had no appetite, was nauseous, and began having constant diarrhea with bleeding. I was incredibly fatigued, my belly had become very large from ascites (edema), and my eyes and skin were starting to become yellowish from jaundice. Some of my symptoms had been developing over a period of time, but the worst of them struck acutely and all at once. I went to see a doctor and it was determined that I had advanced liver disease in the form of cirrhosis. My doctor determined that I would be a good candidate for a liver transplant, and sent me to the Transplant Team at NYU. I was placed on the transplant list with an original MELD (Model for End-stage Liver Disease) score of 22, a scale based on your blood tests ranging from 6 (less ill) to 40 (gravely ill), which largely determines your position on the list.

I was honestly terrified, and I felt as though I needed to do whatever it took to try to heal myself and the liver with which I was born, if at all possible in any way! I remembered the words an old friend had told me approximately four years before all of this. Nashalla Gwyn was a student of Tibetan Medicine at that time. She had offered to check my pulse, one of the primary ways a well-trained Tibetan Doctor diagnoses a problem or illness, and I accepted. She informed me that she had observed a problem with my liver, even way back then! She had advised me to be mindful of this, but unfortunately I did not give the matter much thought at that time.

I contacted her right away for help. She was actually studying in India during this time. After describing all my symptoms and what the medical doctors had said, she knew what to do. After consulting with Tsundu, other Tibetan Doctors, and teachers there, she sent me a regiment of Tibetan Medicine, along with very specific instructions on diet, physical and spiritual health, and lifestyle. She arranged to see me the next time she was in the U.S. for a through examination. I followed the instructions carefully, especially because I felt as though it was likely that my life depended on it.

I used this holistic approach and Tibetan Medicine in combination with the prescriptions, procedures, and the close monitoring by my medical doctors in Connecticut and New York. I was also seen by Nashalla a number of times over the next four years, as well as a Tibetan Doctor she knew in New York, and one of her teachers in Massachusetts. I was so happy and thankful when my improvement began being observed by all!

My most recent MELD score, as of October, 2009, is a 6! That is just about as good as it gets!!! My medical doctors are incredibly impressed not only by this turnaround, but also by the speed in which it occurred. They have informed me that I am not likely to be in need of a liver transplant anytime soon. My energy is up, my digestion and skin-tone are normal, and my belly is practically gone. I feel very well these days! I was recently seen by both Nashalla and Tsundu in Colorado. I received a good evaluation by them, and they adjusted my medications and gave me appropriate dietary recommendations for my current condition. I believe both of them are highly skilled Tibetan Doctors. I am incredibly thankful for their help and guidance. I have complete confidence in them, and I highly recommend them, as both a witness to, and example of their healing abilities. I am grateful to have them as my doctors!


Andrew Finan” – Connecticut USA

“I recently received a Tibetan massage from Dr. Nashalla. I had been having severe neck and shoulder pain that hadn’t responded to any care thus far. Her knowledge of the body, diet, and herbs as well as her FABULOUS massage made all the difference in the world. Dr. Nashalla is great– I can’t recommend her enough!”

Allison R. – Denver, CO

“I first came to Nashalla after suffering from months of ongoing debilitating pain, low energy, digestive problems and continuing health issues that resulted after 5 attacks of acute severe pancreatitis. After seeing countless doctors in two different countries, I had been told there was nothing more they could do. In a single visit with Nashalla, she was able to clearly pinpoint and identify many dimensions of my health problems and gave me clear steps and solutions to bringing my health back up to speed. Within a few minutes, she identified aspects of my conditions that I had learned after years of exhaustive research and experimentation–things which none of my previous doctors had told me. Before our appointment, she consulted with other doctors and researched my condition extensively in order to be prepared for the consultation. Within 2 months, I was able to eat, sleep and live a life with an immense reduction in pain and digestive difficulties. I am still reaping the benefits of this each and every day. Her professional care did not stop with the consultation–she followed up and kept detailed notes and has continued to give me sound advice, treatment and information. Her humanity and caring is also to be noted–she obviously cares about her patients’ welfare so much that she always puts their health first and money second. I highly recommend Nashalla to anyone struggling with a health issue that has been met with dead ends and unhelpful treatments in “traditional western medicine.” I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have her work with me on maintaining my health.”

Brittney Williams – Italy

“I’ve worked with Dr. Nashalla Nyinda for 10 months now on a variety of health issues. I feel so fortunate to have met her when I did. She truly opened my eyes and ears to tremendous benefits of Tibetan medicine.

I really see a difference in my sleep, energy, and general mental health. Dr. Nyinda takes the time to really understand the whole you, not just what is currently troubling you. She has a wealth of knowledge in so many areas and her expertise helps her diagnose and prescribe treatments that work on many levels–mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. The fact that she takes GREAT care in knowing where and how her Tibetan medicine is made is a huge win for her patients. I introduced my husband to Dr. Nyinda and now he looks forward to working with her more closely, too.

I consider Dr. Nyinda a powerful tool in my wellness toolbox. I hope that more people learn about her gifts and be co-healers with her and Spirit on each individual’s road to wholeness and wellness.”

Teresa Goertz – Seattle, WA

‘Nashalla Gwyn is one of the few westerners who can truly bear the title of a Tibetan Medicine Doctor. As a fellow practitioner of Oriental Medicine, I have referred some of my most difficult cases to her and saw remarkable improvement in their condition. Her passion for Tibetan Medicine, along with other healing modalities, and her ability to relate to her patients, gives her the depth of knowledge needed to deal with today’s health challenges’

Raphael Khalef – Ayurvedic Practitioner and Vedic Astrologer at Buddhi Ayurveda France

“Nashalla is a profound healer, gifted with skill, grace, compassion, and intuition. My sessions with her, following ACL (knee) reconstruction, resulted in decreased inflammation, less pain and a heightened sense of well-being.”

Carmen Freeman – Boulder, CO

“Dr. Nashalla is a doctor who is steeped in humility, knowledge of Tibetan Medicine and Diagnosis who immediately sets you at ease. She has offered me a perspective on my health which had been unattainable in many alternative fields of medicine and has contributed to an increase in my well being with her gentle, accurate guidance.As a practitioner and recipient myself of complimentary and alternative medicine for the past thirty years, I highly recommend both Tibetan Medicine and Dr. Nashalla to all those with an interest in promoting increased health and vitality on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional body.”

Paula F. – New Hampshire January 6, 2010

PLEASE NOTE: Services are not subject to local and State sales taxes, but supplements and supplies are subject to 8.45%. We will not take orders or requests for Traditional Tibetan supplements unless you have been seen by us, or a qualified Tibetan Dr in the last 6 months and received a prescription. This is to insure the quality of Tibetan Medicine in the United States and its practitioners who take up to 10 years to learn which herbs to give under which situations.
Additional packing and shipping charge is required – and we will only post to out of state, local front range people need to pick up orders at the clinic please.

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