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Dutsi 5 Nectar Bath Therapy in Tibetan Medicine

February 17th, 2010 Posted in Tibetan Medicine

Dutsi 5 Lums (5 Nectars Bath)

© Menpa Nashalla G. Nyinda 2010 all rights reserved

This bath is one of the man-made baths found in the “making soft” or Lums chapter in the Tibetan Medical tradition. One of the most important baths for healing a variety of disorders it has herbs all found within the United States.

Specifically this bath is used for the following disorders:

  • Limb disorders – stiff and immobile, extended or contracted and frozen
  • Cancers – specifically benefits cancers of the muscle, bone, nerve and lymph
  • Fast Swelling – from general impact, injury and chronic or new wounds
  • Menopausal changes and symptoms
  • Hunched or changed crooked joints (esp. if followed with massage treatment)
  • All rLung (wind) disorders are treated without exception

Additional benefits:

  • Clears joins, skin pours and plasma
  • helps acne, boils, skin conditions and rashes, parasitic or bacterial skin disorders
  • Helps arthritis conditions
  • Contagious disorders

CONTRAINDICATED for the following conditions and situations:

  • Food must have been digested, never bathe following a meal or on a full stomach
  • Not for any edema conditions
  • Any acute or developing fevers must be strictly avoided
  • Those who are extremely depleted and weakened from prolonged and difficult illness cannot take these bath treatments. (Please consult a fully trained Tibetan physician if you question the level of weakness and you are unsure if this is your level of depletion or not as some weak conditions may benefit.)
  • Lost apatite indicates unsuitable conditions to have dutsi 5 bath treatments
  • DO NOT submerge the chest / heart area
  • High blood pressure or those with hypertension are unable to have this treatment
  • Never submerge the face and head during this treatment
  • One should not drink this treatment, it is a BATH ONLY

How to use in localized areas, or when you cannot submerge the chest. Such as upper back pain, neck pain etc.

  • One can use a bucket or container and submerge only the limb or use a low water level and lay on the back without submerging the chest.
  • Known as “ching lums” a localized applied compress can be made. The herbs are wrapped in a cloth sack, “chang” (barley grain alcohol, but easily substituted for good quality sake is sprinkled and then applied to the localized area and remains there until cooled.


Each ingredient represents a geographical area or element and transmits its own unique healing essence into the bath. This is why it becomes a bath of healing nectar.

1. Rhododendron

Represents the essence of the grassland meadows “sPang

In this case we are using the leaf, known as “ba-lu

(Leaf and Flower have two separate functions in Tibetan Medicine.)

2. JuniperJuniper Formosana

Represents the essence of the sun and locations where the rays penetrate bringing heat and warmth “Nin

In this case we must use the leaf, not the berries, as they have differing healing properties; this is called “Shug-pa

3. Cedar / TamaraskMyricaria Squamosa

Represents the essence of the water “Chu

4. ArtemisiaArtemisia Sieveriana

Represents the essence of the earth “Sa

Any local variety of Artemisia may be substituted according to your location as it is well known herbs which grown near to you are more affective for your body due to the shared environmental influences.

5. Ephedera

Represents the essence of the shady areas, where the sun has less influence, and shade keeps the area cooler, or more moisture falls on that side of the mountain.

Measurements of ingredients:

Generally the ingredients are measured in an equal proportion to one another; however you can change the proportions according to the conditions you are working with.

If skin problems

Increase amounts of rhododendron

If bacterial or parasitic conditions

Increase amounts of juniper

If general or mild body weakness / weakness of the 7 bodily sustainers (nutritional essence, blood, muscle, fats, bone, bone marrow or reproductive fluids) (OR) Contagious diseases

Increase amounts of ephedera

If poisons

Increase amounts of salt cedar / tamarask

If bad blood has pooled, arthritis and plasma conditions persist, for both new or difficult to heal wounds,, cancers, nerve system conditions attacks by spirits / entities

Increase amounts of artemisia


Traditionally this bath is given for a minimum of 5 days and most beneficial for 7-8 days.

Pre-made herbal compounds of this bath are available, but you ma also gather your own and make in the following manor.

Each ingredient is 5 lbs (1lb each)

  • Put these 5 lbs into 3 gallons of water – reduce by 1/3rd, remove liquid keep separate from the solid.
  • Again add 3 gallons to the previously boiled substance, this time reduce by ½ (meaning you have 1.5 gallons left) again strain and add the liquid to the previous liquid.
  • For the 3rd time you re-boil the solid matter with 3 gallons of water, this time reducing until 2/3rds is gone (meaning you have only 1 gallon remaining), strain adding to the other 2 liquids – this is your base.

This 3 times boiled substance is the material you can use for the 7 days treatment.

To this it is optional to add up to 1 lb of yeast (but I recommend 1 cup for home bathtub use) and ½ gallon of chang (liquid barley beer) – the closest substitute is good milky quality sake. The yeast helps wounds in particular and the chang helps the wind disorders.

Gradually increase the treatment time and temperature daily. For example:

1st day – small amount of liquid medicine into a warm bath with a short time of 15-20 minuets

2nd day – little more amount of liquid medicine for 20 – 30 minuets maximum, temp is slightly warmer

3rd day – 1 hr – warmer temperature, little more amount of liquid medicine from here to last treatment bath

4th day – 2 hrs – hottest temperature

5-7th day slow reduce time and temperature

If there is nerve damage – follow treatments with oily massage and work the wind points and give wind reduction medicines

If there is joint damage – follow by acupuncture

If there is muscle damage – follow by acupressure

Additional Precautions & Notes:

Some need to drink liquids when in the bath during the hottest time. Others who feel light in the head, dizzy etc. must be given warm bone broth in sips when in the bath, and a larger amount of bone broth following a bath.

In general it is good to follow a wind reduction diet following these intensive bath treatments.

NOT for use during PREGNANCY, not due to ingredients, but the hot bath temperature is contraindicated.

All articles are written personally by Nashalla G. Nyinda and are copyrighted. Please do not duplicate any info published by Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing on this or any other sight. © 2010

2 Responses to “Dutsi 5 Nectar Bath Therapy in Tibetan Medicine”

  1. Thubten Nyima says:

    You mention “pre-made herbal compounds of this bath are available.” Would you by chance know where? I can’t seem to locate any. Thank you.

  2. Thubten la

    Yes there are some pre-packaged dutsi 5 lums available. Men Tsee Khang in Dharamsala sells one, as do a few other doctors in India and Tibet. I believe you can order direct from Men Tsee Khang web site. I get my supplies from doctors who supply my medicines and usually carry it as well. Though if you live in the USA all these herbs do grow locally in various regions.

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