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Seattle and Bellingham, WA March 2010 Clinics & Weekend Workshop – Fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine

February 12th, 2010 Posted in Tibetan Medicine

Fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine –

Tibetan Medicine Demystified

Learn about Tibetan Medicine principles and theories that have been in place unchanged, in the written form, since the 7th century.
While Tibetan medicine is largely untranslated and not understood in the Western world, Dr. Nyinda strives to take the mystery out of this ancient healing modality and make it accessible and useful for each person.

Join us for a free public lecture about how to stay healthy using Tibetan medicine principles. Learn about its history and how it is practiced today.
In the weekend course you will learn the foundations of Tibetan medicine and learn to understand the details of the three humors, and how to determine the balance of the elements and humors in the body. Each and every moment one should be careful with ones diet and behavior. One should know that which will affect you in a harmful or imbalanced way and be careful to avoid these actions and foods.

These principles will be covered more in detail on the Sunday Session. If you are a healing practitioner or just interested in maintaining optimal health there will be information for everyone.

Workshop Details

FRIDAY Free Public Lecture 6:30 PM
Community Food Co Op
315 Westerly Rd., (Cordata Parkway at
Westerly Road), Bellingham, WA, 98226
(360) 734-8158

Weekend Workshop
Tibetan Medicine Demystified

9-12 PM 2-5:30 PM
Full 2 days or Saturday only

Early Registration
Prior to 3/10/2010
$150 Saturday or both days $280
Late Registration
$175 Saturday or both days $330
Ayurvedic Health Center
Clover Building
203 W. Holly, Suite 201
Bellingham, WA 98225

Call Shakti to register @ 360-672-1473

Consults Following Workshop by appointment only-

Bellingham 1 hr Traditional Tibetan Medicine Health Consults:

March 29-30th

Tibetan Medicine workshop in Bellingham, WA March 2010

Seattle 1 hr Traditional Tibetan Medicine Health Consults:

March 24-25th & April 1-2nd

Please Call Nashalla to Schedule Clinic appointments –  303 570 8242

Seattle & Bellingham March 2010 flyer

2 Responses to “Seattle and Bellingham, WA March 2010 Clinics & Weekend Workshop – Fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine”

  1. Can you please direct me to a formal course of study in Tibetan Medicine?
    Thank you,

  2. Kelly,
    For full and proper training in Tibetan Medicine at the moment there are only a few options if your a western person for real training resulting in certification which is authentic.
    One is at the Men Tsee Khang in Dharmsala, India. But for there you need to speak and read Tibetan perfectly in both shorthand and traditional Tibetan script and be under 25 years of age, as well as be able pass their entrance exam. But they do hold two seats for non-Tibetans in every batch which changes over every 2 years.
    The only other option, which is very new and came after I had studied in India, is the school I attended for the last 2 and half years of of my 10 year studies. The Shang Shung Institute is the only school in the world which teaches in both English and Tibetan. You will be required to learn Tibetan and it is 100% essential to being a proper Tibetan Dr. and my best advise is know how to read and write before you go, even if you cant understand what it is your reading – as that will give you a great advantage and jump start in classes.
    You need no less than 5 years study and then to really know how to implement your book learning you will have to on your own arrange for apprentice study for your practical / clinic patient training (Just like a MD doctors residency.) Best is 2 years residency but I will advise at the minimum 6-9 months abroad or under a qualified Tibetan Dr in the USA. All in all look for a 6-7 year commitment.
    The school is in Conway, MA and the link to the school is under our TIBETAN DOCTORS page, and under the schools name Shang Shung Institute of America.
    All the best, Nashalla

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