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Tibetan Massage Therapy, known as Kunye Therapy comes from the external treatments of Tibetan Medicine which has been in practice since the 4th Century and unchanged in its textual training since the 7th Century.

Tibetan massage serves several purposes. The first is to soothe and relax tensions, relieve stress, insomnia, depression, nerve system dysfunction and bring balance to the internal elements of the body.

The second function is more therapeutic for specific individual disorders. It has great therapeutic value to relieve a variety of ailments in a soft and non-invasive manor.

Kunye Massage has many forms of application. No one treatment is the most superior among them.  Rather it is best to have a massage and kunye treatment designed for your unique body-mind needs.

The various possible forms the treatments can take can includes basic massage, treating crucial points in a manor similar to acupressure during the massage, applying medicinal oils, gemstones, hot or cold stones, compresses and massages following specific medicated or medicinal vapor baths.

Specific disorders helped by Tibetan Kunye Massage treatments are:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Nervous system or autoimmune disorders, such as MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Lupis
  • Spinal and head injuries
  • Muscular disorders which cause spasms, contracted, extended or frozen limbs
  • Headaches
  • Fibrocystic breast disease
  • Inner torso and abdomen organs displacement and disorders, such as the diaphragm pain, chronic liver diseases, small and large intestine pain

Acupressure points are employed during the massage to work on the nervous system and organ levels. Each treatment is unique and geared towards the individual body. There are specific strokes and movements designed to open the channels, increase energy flow and vitality. Many of the feet and hand points are similar to reflexology. Tibetan Massage also incorporates work on the cranium to release the jaw, head and neck tension as well as the release of the spine and vital fluids circulating throughout the body.

Nashalla is a state licensed and insured LMT and MMP in Colorado and not your ordinary massage therapist! With 9 years as an acupressure practitioner and teacher, along with her complete training as a Tibetan Medical Doctor this is form of healing massage unlike any you have ever experienced! You will be revitalized to the core of your being.

First we will do an initial assessment according to traditional Tibetan Medicine and determine which massage and bodywork approach best suits your condition.

Massage sessions are from a minimum of one hour, but can run up to two hours in duration. Nashalla feels the minimum optimal time for a therapeutic massage is between one and one and a half hours long if point work is needed or requested. It is encouraged that you to make the time to allow for deeper healing.

Meza, or moxabustion as its widely known through acupuncture,  is   sometimes used as an accessory therapy alongside your Kunye sessions.  Meza treatment consists of the herb Artemesia, which has been finely powdered, being placed upon acupressure points or energy centers on your body. It is then lit by incense and burns down until the patient feels heat on their skin and is removed before it becomes too heated. The heat serves to penetrate cold conditions and bring warmth as an antidote. There are several techniques employed when treating with Meza. Most often it is the “warming method” used.

In some more rare cases, and only with the patients written permission it may be burnt all the way down to the surface of the skin. This can slightly burn the skin and is reserved for very specific conditions.  This latter method is more rarely used in the USA.

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