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From East to West: Sowa Rigpa གསོ་བ་རིག་པ་

Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Boulder & Beyond

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By Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda, Menpa TMD

4 Medical Tantras of Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan medicine, otherwise known as Sowa Rigpa is a centuries old healing modality spanning back to the 4th century well before Buddhism entered the snowy rooftop of the world. Tibetan medicine offers a wide scope of healing minor discomforts and imbalances as well as serious acute and chronic conditions. I describe Tibetan medicine as a fusion of Asian healing modalities. The best description as for how this complex and very complete system of healing came to be is directly linked back to the silk route.

Imagine a time when spice trade was medicine trade. Vast cultures rich with tradition traveled far across the Asian continent. Trade in medicine and ideas of medicine went as far north as Mongolia, West into Persia and Greece and as far south as Burma and Thailand and Southern India. People would gather, trade and relate to various medicine and sciences. Or in a imaginative sense, take the pre-buddhist animistic shamanistic healing known as Bön, Greek three humors which infused the Greeco-Arab Persion Unani medicine, add to that Indian Ayurvedic healing theory alongside the ancient pre-communist Taoist Chinese 5 element healing systems and place it in a blender. On top lay the last addition to the system, Buddhist psychology and working with the mind to relate to the interconnectedness with all the other aspects of influence in the body, mind and spirit. Or as Lonchenpa, the great Buddhist master said, “By understanding the characteristics (elements and basic physiology) of the body’s origination, one can attain certainty of the Reality Body (enlightened state of being, or ones Buddha Nature).”

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This form of health care serves as both adjunct therapy to treatments one may be pursuing with a primary care physician or a specialists. Though thousands of years of it still have value because it is based on nature. Nature, elements and cycles may ebb and flow. But the laws which govern how nature reacts in relation to elements, cycles and seasons does not change.

Tibetan Medicine is a excellent method to provide complimentary medicine guidance and self reflection and responsibility from both qualified Tibetan physicians and Western allopathic physicians working together to a person known themselves better. Consulting between your health care provider and your Tibetan doctors is encourage because there is a time and place for both systems.

I began to study Tibetan medicine in 1999. Prior to that I worked with herbs, supplements, and was interested in Taoist 5 Element acupuncture having received this acupuncture style since I was fifteen. What I discovered quickly was that Tibetan medicine was unique because it offered a individualized approach to help one and nourish your intrinsic health. I encourage each person to learn to use basic Tibetan medicine principles and become an action participant in the healing process. This self care, self responsibility in the healing journey is vitally important in order for you to have the skills to maintain health, re-balance your body and mind and prevent illness.

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